Greenfields - Irish music with a Hungarian flavour!

Greenfields is one of Hungary's longest existing groups playing music mostly drawn on Irish and Scottish traditions.

We play popular pub songs, folk songs, traditional Irish and Scottish dance tunes alongside other musical pieces and arrangements. We play in pubs, dance clubs and also at cultural events and festivals.

We teach dance as well, and have set- and step dance performaces with the participation of outstanding dancers from Hungary.

The music style of the group alters from the traditional Irish and Scottish style, the members of our group have a very colourful musical past: originally Hungarian folk musicians, musicians experienced in the Irish style of playing (and in Northern-American folk music as well), a drummer coming from the world of Latin-American music, performer of early music etc.

This variety creates a very exciting musical world in which Irish and Scottish traditional music is played mostly with a Hungarian and Eastern-European flavour. In our arrangements Hungarian and Eastern-European traditional folk music elements play a very important part. This unique (but primarily entertaining) Hungarian-Irish music style makes our band really special.

We are inviting everyone to this exciting world!


Győző Mező (leader)
- fiddle, cither (dulcimer), vocal
Viktória Vincze -
fiddle, vocal
Viktória Lovász - vocal
Gyöngyi Veller - vocal
Gábor Gyarmati
- guitar
Zoltán Mető -
Irish bouzuki, guitar
Dániel Szabó
- tin whistle, mandola, bass Irish bouzuki

Miklós Fodor
- flute, Hungarian folk viola, vocal
Gábor Clemente
- cajón, percussion

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